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America is Committing “Suicide” by Voting for Trump, Says Nikki Haley!


CNS NewsFormer South Carolina governor Nikki Haley has made headlines with her strong condemnation of voting for Donald Trump, likening it to a nation committing “suicide.” Despite her uphill battle for the GOP nomination, Haley has not shied away from voicing her concerns about Trump’s candidacy.

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Haley expressed grave reservations about Trump’s intentions for seeking re-election, suggesting that his primary motivation might be to address legal challenges rather than serving the nation’s best interests. She warned against making Trump the Republican Party’s nominee, equating it to a disastrous outcome for the country.

Haley’s analogy of Trump as an iceberg and America as a sinking ship underscores her belief that voting for Trump could lead to catastrophic consequences. She emphasized the importance of recognizing the “hole in the ship” to avoid collective downfall.

Despite facing significant polling deficits in key primary states, Haley remains resolute in her campaign, driven by what she perceives as a duty to represent the sentiments of a significant portion of Americans. Citing polling data indicating a widespread desire for an alternative to a rematch between Trump and Biden, Haley believes she is fulfilling the wishes of many voters.

America is Committing "Suicide" by Voting for Trump, Says Nikki Haley!

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While acknowledging Trump’s electoral success within the Republican Party, Haley highlighted his struggle to secure a substantial portion of the vote in some early states, indicating potential challenges in a general election matchup against President Joe Biden.

Despite her concerns about Trump, Haley also expressed reservations about Biden, citing the seriousness of her apprehensions. As the fifth Republican primary unfolds in Michigan, Trump currently maintains a commanding lead over Haley by nearly 57 points, according to FiveThirtyEight polling data.

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