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Tennessee Mother Arrested After Children Discovered Safe in Alabama!


CNS NewsOn March 18, 2024, a mother was arrested after her two young daughters, 2-year-old JourneyGarret, and 9-month-old Daley Garret, were reported missing in an Amber Alert out of Shelbyville, Tennessee. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation had issued the alert, stating that the siblings had been missing since March 13 and were believed to be with their non-custodial mother, Casey Campbell, in Powell, Alabama.

Campbell was wanted by the Shelbyville Police Department for especially aggravated kidnapping. The case garnered significant attention as authorities and the public worked together to locate the missing children. The Amber Alert was a crucial tool in spreading awareness and seeking information from the community.

After days of searching and investigation, there was a breakthrough. Just after 8 p.m. on March 18, investigators announced that Campbell had been taken into custody. The relief was palpable as it was confirmed that her daughters had been found safe. This development brought a sense of closure to a potentially harrowing situation and highlighted the importance of swift and coordinated efforts in such cases.

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The Shelbyville Police Department, along with other agencies involved, commended the collaborative efforts of law enforcement and the public in ensuring the safe return of the children. The case serves as a reminder of the impact of Amber Alerts and the importance of community involvement in ensuring the safety of children.

Campbell is currently in custody, and the legal proceedings regarding her arrest and the custody of the children are underway. The swift resolution of this case underscores the effectiveness of law enforcement agencies and the community working together to protect vulnerable individuals.

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