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Unlocking VA Chapter 31 Benefits: A Guide to Eligibility and Application Process


America’s veterans are eligible to apply for support. Life as a veteran after serving in the United States Armed Forces can be challenging, particularly if you are unable to work due to your service.

There are various benefits to consider, such as the Chapter 31 program, which can help you explore job opportunities or access other necessary services.

If you have a service-connected disability that restricts your ability to work or prevents you from working, Veteran Readiness and Employment (formerly known as Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment) can provide assistance.

There is a 12-year basic period of eligibility for Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR&E) services, and a VA Veteran who is eligible under Chapter 31 must first apply for services along with visiting a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor (VRC).

The VRC will collaborate with the Veteran to assess if an employment challenge is present due to their service-connected disability.

Once an employment barrier is identified and the Veteran is deemed eligible for services, the VRC and the Veteran will work together to choose a path of services and collaboratively create a plan to meet their rehabilitation and employment requirements.

Guide to Chapter 31 Benefits: Goals, Eligibility, and Support for Veterans

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This document will outline an employment or independent living goal, identify intermediate goals, and detail the services and resources that will be provided to assist the Veteran in achieving them.

Meeting the eligibility criteria is necessary to receive Chapter 31 benefits, which depend on:

You have been charged with a different type of discharge.

Your disability rating is either 10 per cent or higher, or you have a memorandum rating of 20 per cent or more from the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA).

You have requested VR&E VetSuccess services.

If a Veteran is found ineligible for services, the VRC will assist them in finding alternative resources to meet any rehabilitation and employment needs identified during the evaluation.

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