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Strange Incident: Tennesse Man Uses Hammer to Beat Roommate, Beheads Him, and Then Places Him in Suitcase!


CNS NewsBruce Jefferies, 63, was brutally killed by a man in Tennessee. The man was found guilty of first-degree murder and abuse of a corpse. Shelby County District Attorney’s Office says that on December 12, 2021, while Jefferies was sleeping in their shared flat, Julian Summers hit him in the head with a hammer and beat him up.

After the brutal attack, Summers used a knife to cut off Jefferies’ head. According to the police, Summer then tried to clean up the crime scene and put Jefferies’ dead body in a bag. Summers was seen carrying the heavy suitcase through the Broadmoor Apartments and into a dumpster, leaving a trail of blood behind him.

He took the proof to a different place because he couldn’t throw it away in the first dumpster. Later that night, worried neighbors and police officers found Mr. Jefferies’ body. Summers was caught and admitted to the crime sixteen days after it happened. Summers admitted to killing the person during his sentencing, which the jury watched on tape.

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But he gave contradictory evidence at the trial, telling a different story of what happened than what he told the cops three years earlier. The question of his mental state at the time of the statement was brought up by Summers.

In reaction, the state brought in a rebuttal witness from the West Tennessee Mental Health Institute who said the defendant was competent and that Summers was “malingering,” or exaggerating, her mental health symptoms. After thinking about it, the judges came back with a decision on Friday, February 16. The case was brought by Regina Lucreziano and Katie Ratton.

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