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Video Shows NYPD Officer Killed Man Taking Mother Hostage with One Shot: “Shoot Me!”


CNS NewsIn a dramatic turn of events captured on NYPD bodycam footage, an officer fired a fatal shot at a man holding his mother hostage in a Bronx apartment last December. The incident, unfolding in the Bedford Park neighborhood, gripped the city as details emerged of the harrowing confrontation between law enforcement and the unhinged suspect, identified as Michael Dotel, aged 30.

The tense standoff reached a critical point on December 23 when Officer Alex Morgese discharged his weapon, striking Dotel in the head just inches away from his mother’s face. Dotel, who had reportedly claimed to possess a knife, fell to the ground and was pronounced dead later at St. Barnabas Hospital.

According to police reports, the episode began with a 911 call alerting authorities to a potentially drug-induced and violent individual armed with a knife. Upon arrival, officers encountered Dotel holding his mother in a chokehold, with his right arm around her neck and his left hand applying additional pressure.

As the victim began to lose consciousness, officers were compelled to take action. Dotel, using his mother as a shield, dared the officers to shoot him, repeatedly shouting, “Shoot me!” Despite verbal commands to drop the knife, Dotel refused, leading to the fatal shot being fired.

The aftermath of the shooting revealed the gravity of the situation, with two victims wounded during the violent altercation. Initial police statements indicated Dotel had held his mother at knifepoint, though subsequent updates clarified that he claimed to possess the knife.

Amidst the chaos, Chief of Patrol John Chell acknowledged the tragedy of the situation, emphasizing the swift actions of the officers in potentially saving lives. Echoing this sentiment, the husband of the victim asserted that officers had no choice but to intervene, given the imminent threat to his wife’s life.

In the wake of the incident, an internal investigation by the NYPD and an independent inquiry by the New York Attorney General’s Office was launched to scrutinize the circumstances surrounding the fatal shooting. Both investigations remain ongoing as authorities seek to ascertain the full extent of the events leading up to Dotel’s death.

Dotel’s history of mental illness and his involvement in three open criminal cases at the time of the shooting further underscore the complexities surrounding the incident. As the investigation continues, questions persist regarding the handling of mental health crises and the use of force by law enforcement agencies.

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The release of the bodycam footage sheds light on a tragic chapter in New York City’s history, serving as a stark reminder of the challenges faced by both law enforcement officers and individuals grappling with mental health issues. As the city grapples with the aftermath of this fatal encounter, the quest for accountability and transparency remains paramount in ensuring justice for all parties involved.

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