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Body Discovered During Historic New Jersey Bed and Breakfast Demolition!


CNS NewsOn Wednesday, workers were tearing down the remains of a historic Bergen County bed and breakfast that had burned down when they found a body. The Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office said in a statement that firefighters were called to the empty Toddle Inn on Broad Avenue in Ridgefield at 2:21 a.m. Wednesday because of a fire.

Authorities said firefighters couldn’t get into the building because it was on fire. At the time of the fire, the inn was thought to be empty and closed. Authorities say that after the fire was out, a body was found on the main floor of the building. The government didn’t say if they thought the person died in the fire or if they thought the body was in the building before the fire.

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The fire scene is still being searched by the county’s arson task force. The Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office and the Ridgefield Police Department are both looking into what caused the fire. It was thought that the Toddle Inn building was more than 100 years old.

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