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Glass Bottle Hits MTA Worker in The Head and Hour After Hochul Promised NYC Subways National Guardsmen!


CNS NewsIn the Bronx on Wednesday, a stranger hit an MTA conductor in the head with a glass bottle. This happened just one hour after Gov. Kathy Hochul said she would send a lot of National Guardsmen to the subway system to stop a rise in crime. Police say the man suddenly smashed a bottle over the 38-year-old conductor’s head just before noon.

She was in her cabin on the southbound No. 4 train at the 170 Street and Jerome Avenue station in Mt. Eden. It was at the next station that she reported the attack. The NYPD said she was taken to NYC Health + Hospitals/Lincoln in stable condition. The person who attacked her left the station after the crime, according to the NYPD.

He was still on the run late Wednesday night. A 59-year-old MTA worker named Alton Scott was slashed in the neck at a Brooklyn subway station while he was working in his cabin just a few days before this attack. Transit officials said Scott, who had been riding the bus for 24 years, needed 34 stitches and nine sutures to close the stomach-churning wound.

After getting slashed, Scott swore he would never get back on the train. The scared conductor told The Post, “I don’t see myself going back on that train; that’s not for me anymore.” Scott said, “I won’t take the train if I go back to work.” “I’ve been through too much to do that.” They’ll have to find something else for me to do if I go back.

The attack on Wednesday happened after the governor said that 1,000 New York National Guardsmen, state police, and MTA cops would be sent to subway stations in the Big Apple to check bags. Hochul said it would not be okay for people to attack the subway system in such a brazen and horrible way.

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Hochul went on, “No one going to work, to see family, or to the doctor should worry that the person sitting next to them has a deadly weapon.” She told them not to worry about whether someone will pull out a knife or a gun. “That’s what these checkpoints will be used for.”

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