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George Santos, a Former US Representative Who Was Kicked Out Of Congress, Says He Is Running Again!


CNS NewsFormer U.S. Representative George Santos, ousted from Congress and facing federal charges, announces his re-election bid, signaling a remarkable political comeback. Despite his expulsion in December and ongoing legal challenges, Santos resolves to reclaim a seat in the House of Representatives.

Santos, a Republican, unveils his candidacy for the 1st Congressional District of New York, challenging incumbent Republican Representative Nick LaLota. His decision follows deliberation and consultation with friends and family, marking a notable reversal from previous declarations of withdrawing from electoral politics.

The announcement sparks controversy within the Republican Party, with LaLota expressing determination to thwart Santos’s bid, vowing to contest him in the primary. Suffolk County GOP chair Jesse Garcia denounces Santos’s candidacy, highlighting skepticism and questioning his credibility amidst legal allegations and admissions of dishonesty.

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Despite facing formidable opposition and legal hurdles, Santos’s determination to re-enter the political arena reflects the resilience and tenacity characteristic of electoral politics. As he navigates the campaign trail, Santos confronts a landscape fraught with challenges and uncertainties, yet fueled by the prospect of redemption and political resurgence.

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