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Trump Posts a $91 Million Bond While Fighting the Defamation Decision Against E. Jean Carroll!


CNS NewsDonald Trump moves to appeal the defamation judgment against him by writer E. Jean Carroll, securing a bond exceeding $91 million to cover the damages awarded by a jury. The verdict stems from allegations made by Carroll in 2019, accusing Trump of sexual assault during his presidency.

Trump’s agreement with Chubb, the insurance company underwriting the bond, clears the path for his appeal while providing financial assurance during the legal proceedings. The bond, subject to approval by U.S. District Court Judge Lewis A. Kaplan, safeguards Trump’s assets from immediate collection by Carroll’s attorneys.

Simultaneously, Trump faces a separate business fraud judgment, further complicating his financial obligations. With a staggering $450 million judgment looming, Trump’s legal team navigates challenges in securing bonds to cover the substantial liability.

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Amidst legal battles and mounting financial pressure, Trump’s aspirations for a second term in the White House coincide with a tumultuous legal landscape. The appeal process, coupled with ongoing indictments and trials, underscores the complexities of Trump’s legal entanglements as he navigates the path forward.

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