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Officer Suspended Following Discovery of Illicit Cache During Rikers Island Prison Search!


CNS NewsA New York City correction officer, Marc Johnson, found himself suspended after investigators uncovered a stash of contraband hidden in a Rikers Island jail. The discovery, including items such as a cell phone, phone chargers, and a tool for breaking car windows, led to Johnson’s suspension without pay for 30 days.

The contraband cache, concealed in a metal box in a section of the jail used for violent detainees and those with high-profile cases, raised serious concerns about security within the facility. Correction Department spokeswoman Shayla Mulzac emphasized the gravity of the situation, stating that any staff caught bringing contraband into the jails would face severe consequences, including possible termination and criminal charges.

Johnson’s suspension comes amidst ongoing efforts by the Correction Department to combat the pervasive issue of contraband smuggling within Rikers Island.

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Despite the implementation of body scanners for staff and increased security measures, contraband continues to pose a significant challenge, with weapons and drugs being readily available. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the ongoing struggles faced by correctional facilities in maintaining security and preventing illicit activities within their walls.

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