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Tennessee, KY, “Code Brown” Means You Should Leave Walmart Right Away if You Hear It!


CNS NewsWhen you were in a store, have you ever heard something over the speaker that you didn’t understand? It’s possible to wonder if something strange is about to happen. No matter what you hear, these codes aren’t always just for workers; some of them can also warn customers about possible dangers.

Attention Walmart Shoppers

For the sake of public safety, Common Cents Mom put together this list of intercom codes that are often used in Walmart shops. Common Cents Mom gives out secret numbers that can be broken into four groups:

  • General announcements (like cleanups)
  • Customer service updates
  • Sales and discounts
  • Emergency alerts

There could be a mix of numbers, letters, or words in these codes. But you should pay the most attention to color codes, as these are usually the most important intercom notes.

Code Brown

Code Brown is a very important code word to know. It is one of the scariest codes to hear on the intercom because it tells people they are in great danger and need to leave the store right away. You might hear code words being used over the store’s speaker system while you’re shopping at Walmart. These are the color code words you need to know.

Tennessee, KY, “Code Brown” Means You Should Leave Walmart Right Away if You Hear It!

Here’s What Each Walmart Emergency Color Code Means

Different colors are used in some Walmart intercom codes. Each color stands for a different thing that is happening in the store. This type of color-coded alert can mean anything from a fairly important event to a possibly critical, life-threatening situation.

Walmart workers need to know what these codes mean. This knowledge makes sure that they can quickly take the safety steps that are needed when they need to. You should never hear these codes at Walmart, but if you do, you’ll know what they mean and what to do.

  • Code Black – This code is used when the weather is very bad and dangerous in the area.
  • Code White – This code means that there was an accident (like an injury) or some other kind of event in the store.
  • Code Blue – The meaning of this code is that there might be a bomb danger in the store.
  • Code Red – This code means that there is some kind of fire in the store. There is generally a number that comes after the color. This number tells you which section or part of the store the fire started in.
  • Code Brown – If you hear this code, it means there is a gun on the property. This means you should try to get to an exit if you can. If you are not near an exit, stay cool and do what the staff tells you to do.
  • Code Green – The meaning of this code is that hostages are being held. Call the cops and ask for help if you think it is safe to do so. Try to stay cool and make sure you’re in a safe part of the store.
  • Code Orange – This code is about a chemical spill somewhere, inside or outside. After the color is called, the spot where the chemical spill happened is also said. Employees who aren’t busy when the news comes out must help clean up the spill.
  • Code Adam – This code is only for children who are lost. Walmart will share this code with all workers who report a missing child while they are in the store. Until the code is lifted, employees will watch every entrance and the whole store.

Tennessee, KY, “Code Brown” Means You Should Leave Walmart Right Away if You Hear It!

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That is when the lost child is discovered. The person in charge of the store speaker can also give a short description of the child to help with the search. Adam Walsh was a child who went missing in a Walmart store in 1981. This code name is in his honor.

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