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Thief in Savage Subway Cello Attack Freed Without Bail Despite DA Bragg’s Office’s Request!


CNS NewsA Shocking Video Shows a 23-year-old woman attacking a New York City train cellist with a bottle. She was caught and released on bail Thursday, even though she had been pleading to be held. She was caught on Wednesday night, 15 days after she is said to have hit Iain S. Forrest, 29, in the head while he was performing in the Herald Square station.

Manhattan officials asked for $15,000 cash bail or $45,000 bond at Hunter’s arraignment on second-degree assault charges on Thursday. They said this because Hunter missed three of her five court dates last year in other criminal cases. There is not much hope among the people that she will come back to court on her own, prosecutor Alexandra Robertson told Judge Marva Brown in Manhattan criminal court.

The Manhattan DA’s Office said that Hunter, who was from Brooklyn, also had two bench warrants out for her arrest for petit theft. Sources say that she was last arrested in October on grand theft charges for reportedly stealing two bathing suits from Bergdorf Goodman worth $2,050. Sources say she was also arrested twice in 2019 for hitting her mom.

But Brown let Hunter go on supervised release, even though she had a past of crime. This was true even though the judge could have set bail for the assault charge, which is a violent felony under current law. Hunter is said to have hit Forrest in the head with his metal water bottle while performing Sia’s “Titanium” underground on February 13.

Thief in Savage Subway Cello Attack Freed Without Bail Despite DA Bragg's Office's Request!

Forrest was deeply affected by the scary attack. “I hadn’t touched my cello since being attacked in the NYC subway … until today,” Forrest admitted in an X post Wednesday where he showed off some gifts from a music company. Even though the Mount Sinai PhD student wasn’t badly hurt, he said that the event has left him “demoralized and sad” and that he “can’t bring myself to play music.”

He did, however, play a little in his room after using the new tools that D’Addario Orchestral, a company that sells instruments, sent him. Forrest said last week that he would not be performing in the subway “indefinitely” and asked the NYPD to keep musicians safe. “Two attacks in less than a year is too much,” he wrote on Instagram.

“You hit me in the head, choked me, and punched me.” “I love putting on shows for you all in the subway, but I’m tired and can’t take any more pain or injury,” he said. Forrest is a part of the MTA’s Music Under New York program, which sets up concerts for singers to play at major transportation hubs in New York City.

Thief in Savage Subway Cello Attack Freed Without Bail Despite DA Bragg's Office's Request!

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Forrest and some other people formed the Subway Performers Advocacy Group to ask the city for better safety measures to protect bands. The MTA said in a statement, “No one in the transit system, including the musicians, should have to deal with violence. When the NYPD finds the person who did this senseless attack, they will be held accountable.”

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