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Tragedy Strikes: 13-Year-Old Boy Fatally Shot, Brooklyn Police Investigate!


CNS NewsAccording to the authorities, a youngster who was thirteen years old took his own life after being shot in Brooklyn on Thursday night. Within the vicinity of the intersection of Brooklyn Avenue and St. Mark’s Avenue in Crown Heights, the child was reportedly shot in both the chest and the arm, according to the police.

It was approximately 10:40 p.m. when the police received a call to 911 reporting a male shot at that place. When they arrived, they discovered the child with multiple gunshot wounds to his body. Although he was sent to Kings County Hospital in a hurry, he was not able to be saved. Upon arrival at the hospital, he was pronounced dead.

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The investigation is still underway, and there have been no arrests made so far. No motive has been disclosed by the police in connection with the fatal shooting. Since law enforcement is now attempting to inform loved ones of the child’s passing, the identity of the youngster has not been made public.

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