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Thieves Attack Mid-South Lady Twice, Causing Her to Lose Over $1,000 in Food Assistance!


CNS NewsImagine shopping for groceries and you finally are ready to checkout only to learn that your SNAP benefits are not there like they are supposed to be. One local SNAP recipient faced this exact dilemma and later learned it was not a glitch, but the result of someone stealing her benefits.

Rebecca Robinson woke up on October 7, 2023, and checked her SNAP benefits. She checked at about 6 o’clock that morning and went to make purchases on Instacart around 10 o’clock that morning. She said the app kept rejecting her payment. She thought it was a technical error.

In November, the same thing happened. Only this time, she didn’t receive any benefits, or so she thought. Once she spoke to a representative, she was told that she received benefits for October and November, but she wasn’t aware. So, at that point, that’s when she was made aware that her benefits had been stolen.

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Thieves Attack Mid-South Lady Twice, Causing Her to Lose Over $1,000 in Food Assistance!

The Tennessee Department of Human Services says criminals are using various tactics to steal SNAP benefits, like card cloning, card skimming, and phishing, which is a type of scheme where thieves pretend to be an organization to get you to give them your personal information. Robinson said she reported the case to DHS’ fraud department months ago and is still waiting for her benefits to be recouped or just to hear something back.

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